What is Hops not Hate?

The concept is simple. A brewery brews a beer which they wish to be included in the Hops Not Hate. Selling the product onto a bar/bottleshop/distributor/importer, they donate half of their net profits to charity. Of this donation, half goes to a local initiative, and half to a global one.

The bar/bottleshop/distributor/importer follows the same principle and hence the beer generates local and global acts of charity every step along the way from brew to glass. Every link in the chain gets to donate to what charity/charitable cause they see fit, as long as they follow that simple guideline explained in “How It Works”. This way Hops Not Hate inspires and enables many different actions and initiatives on its way to the consumer.

Who is hops not hate?

We are brewers and people working within the industry, like you. We want to tap further into the collective power building in the industry, putting this growing knowledge and experience to positive use. And of course, make some seriously delicious beverages.

We realise the most discouraging part of doing good is most often, bureaucracy. Our role at Hops Not Hate is as facilitators: to unravel the laws and regulations and administer a clear and transparent method that is usable for anyone, anywhere.

We aim to create a self-regulating network of participants, who, provided with the necessary information, can participate to the extent they are comfortable with, and decide which charitable cause they wish to support. As a joining party you choose how to help, who to help, and to what extent. We are here to support your efforts and make sure the promises have been fulfilled.