How it works & how to join

Get in touch

A brewery decides to get involved with Hops Not Hate and gets in touch with us. Contact us via our email address:

Conceptualise the product

This might be a donation of already existing beer, brewing a brand new beer, or brewing a collaboration with another brewery. Whatever your proposal might be, we are open to suggestions and new creative solutions to support our cause, so even if your idea seems a bit out there – share it with us.

Quantity & Distribution

After the creative process is over we agree on the details: how much beer is going to be donated? Where is it going to be sold?

Profit allocation

The brewery, (and at this point distributor or retailer) will decide how much of the profits will be donated (minimum 50% of the net profit). More information about formalities will be discussed once you contact us, but if you seek to inform yourself, we recommend visiting following websites:

Research & Choose

Two charitable causes are picked by the brewery, distributor or retailer – one local (approx. 50 km/30 mile radius) and one global. This is a great opportunity to become more involved in your local community, as well donating further afield to global projects that are also close to your heart.

Chain of responsibility

It’s the brewery’s responsibility to make their distributors and retailers aware of the involvement in the Hops Not Hate project. For the scheme to work, all participants, distributors, importers, retailers are also expected to follow the same procedure of donating to two separate charities. Those selling the end product have to agree on the conditions to participate. We will provide point-of-sale information posters and other promotional information (as pdf files) to promote the concept of Hops Not Hate, and we encourage everyone to use the hashtag #HopsNotHate. Visibility is important and we hope that once anyone joins, they become a proud part of the network.


We will be responsible for collecting all data concerning donations – their size and their recipients. The ongoing accumulated total of donations made will be displayed on the Hops Not Hate website; however individual donations will not be published for the sake of discretion.

Honour the commitment

We expect those participating to self manage their donations. Our role is to provide a framework and to process the end results to make it easier for everybody to get involved. Ultimately, the responsibility to honour the commitment lies with each contributing participant.

No strings attached

Whether your contribution is a single keg or a more permanent beer in your lineup, there is no obligation to remain with the project longer than one wishes. However we encourage everybody to stay with us and continue to contribute to a project that will hopefully prove greater than the sum of its parts.