Not long ago, in the wake of the shocking response to the Syrian refugee crisis, a group of bars and breweries decided to organize a few charitable events in our local communities. We were somewhat uncertain of how exactly to go about it, but were moved by both a shared concern and a desire to act.

The party that followed, at Fermentoren in Copenhagen, grew beyond our expectations, with more than 30 breweries donating kegs and hundreds of people showing up to support the cause. Flooded with questions about more donations and future possibilities for further events, we witnessed a sincere desire from friends and guests alike to get involved and make a difference. People wanted to help and do good, they just didn’t necessarily know how to, just like us. The need for some kind of model that could channel this enthusiasm and activate its potential in real terms was clear.

In the months that followed, colleagues from the beer community expressed real interest in such an initiative. It quickly became apparent that if we all decided to make a charitable effort and stand shoulder to shoulder, we might actually be able to incite real change.

Out of this came Hops Not Hate; a network of bars, bottle shops, distributors and, of course, breweries; united in the desire to act and build something greater than the sum of its parts.

Our plan is to use that already existing generosity in the beer community and tie it all together – provide a blueprint that can be applied anywhere and by anyone, uncomplicated and transparent. Hops Not Hate’s aim is simply connecting all the good intentions and people that are already out there and help facilitating and spreading the message of charity and kindness among the wonderful people in the beer world.

So, if you want to help, join us. Let’s do hops, not hate. Let’s do it together, and let’s face it… charity is after all more fun with a beer in your hand.